The City of Seldovia
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P.O. Box B
 Seldovia, Alaska 99663
Another Day in Paradise
Welcome to The City of Seldovia

This is the official web site for the City of Seldovia. 
On this site you can find links to public info, city meetings, forms and officials.    

   PH: 907-234-7643   *   FAX: 907-234-7430  *
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-Congratulations to our new City Council members: Stephanie Blanchard, Bobbi Sweatt and Jake Corwin, as well as our new Mayor, Dean Lent. Official election results are posted in "Clerk/Council"

-Harbor construction is underway. Please plan accordingly and double check with the Harbormaster on details of harbor use at this time. 

- Next Regular Council Meeting: October 22, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

-State General Elections are Tuesday, November 4th. Absentee voting will begin Monday, October 20th at the City Office.