City of Seldovia PO Drawer B or 245 Dock St, Seldovia, AK 99663                City Office Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and when the Alaska Marine Hwy ship is in port.
City of Seldovia
Phone: 907-234-7643
        City Forms

 City of Seldovia Forms and Applications​

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​ City of Seldovia FY19 Fee Schedule

        Building Permit Application
        ROW Excavation Application

  City Clerk:
        Business License Application
        Declaration of Candidacy
        Dog License Application
        Financial Disclosure
        Request for Public Information
        Vending License Application
        Voter and Election Information page
        Voter Registration (Initial or Change Address)

        Credit Card Authorization
        Equipment Rental
        Facility Checklist
        Facility Rental Application
        Garbage Application
        Water Connection Application
        Water and Sewer Utility Agreement
        W-9 Form

        Boat Haul Out/ Storage Agreement
        Disembarking Passengers
        Dock Crane Use
        Grid Waiver
        Vessel Moorage Agreement

  Human Resources:
        Employment Application
        Hold Harmless Agreement

  Planning and Zoning:
        Conditional Use Permit Application
        Land Lease Application
        Lot Lines, Row, Easement, Property Issues 
        Tidelands Permit Application
        Variance Permit Application