City of Seldovia​
City of Seldovia​
PO Drawer B   Seldovia, AK 99663
PO Drawer B   Seldovia, AK 99663

Seldovia Cemetery


The Seldovia Cemetery was created in its current location in 1964 after the Great Alaskan Earthquake that affected so many communities in the State of Alaska.

In recent years a revitalizing and maintenance project has begun in an effort to update and upkeep the space, as this significant landmark has become overgrown and in need of deep repair and maintenance to bring it back to the standards that the site deserves

The Seldovia Cemetery Preservation Committee was created in 2017 to help with the repair and maintenance efforts recently put forth and has prepared an outreach letter seeking solicitations to help with the cause.

The initial foreseen costs that these donations will help with but are not limited to are as follows:
      * Removing trees, stumps and other overgrowth on the cemetery grounds
      * Repairing the grounds so that they can be maintained in the future with a lawn mower (including dirt and fill)
      * Adding Grave Markers
      * Updating existing Grave Markers
      * and Replacing old fencing

Click  here to view the Outreach Letter.
Click  here to view the Cemetery Advisory Commission Page.




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