City Elections

The regular city election shall be held on the first Tuesday of October of each year for the purpose of electing city officers. Special election may be held during the year as may become necessary and specified by resolution passed by the City Council.

Candidate Eligibility
        18 Years or older
        Registered voter of the City of Seldovia
        Resided within the City of Seldovia limits for at least 6 months preceding the election

Required Forms for Candidates seeking election:
         Declaration of Candidacy
         Seldovia Financial Disclosure Form

Current City Council Members                               Term on Council                                    Current Term Expiration

 Mayor Dean Lent                                                               4th                                                           October, 2020
 Email: [email protected]

 Council Member Jeremiah Campbell                             1st                                                            October, 2020
 Email: [email protected]

 Council Member Bobbi Sweatt                                       2nd                                                           October, 2020
 Email: [email protected]

 Council Member Kris Lethin                                            1st                                                            October, 2019
 Email: [email protected]

 Council Member Vivian Rojas                                          3rd                                                           October, 2019
 Email: [email protected]

 Council Member John Colberg                                        4th                                                            October, 2021
 Email: [email protected]

 Council Member Perley Morrison                                  2nd                                                           October, 2021
 Email: [email protected]

Regular Meeting Schedule
Regular Seldovia City Council Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th
Monday of every month at 6pm in Council Chambers.

For more city election information please contact the City Clerk- Heidi Geagel at the city office, 907-234-7643​, or by email [email protected]
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