City of Seldovia​
City of Seldovia​
PO Drawer B   Seldovia, AK 99663
PO Drawer B   Seldovia, AK 99663
  City of Seldovia Forms and Applications​
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​    City of Seldovia FY20 Fee Schedule

         Building Permit Application- NEW
        ROW Excavation Application

    City Clerk:
         Business License Application
        Commercial Seasonal Billing Agreement- NEW
        Commercial Summer Incentive Program- NEW
         Declaration of Candidacy
         Dog License Application
         Financial Disclosure
         Public Records Request Form -NEW
         Vending License Application
         Voter and Election Information page
         Voter Registration (Initial or Change Address)

         Credit Card Authorization
         Equipment Rental - NEW
         Facility Checklist
         Facility Rental Application
         Garbage Application
         Water Connection Application
         Water and Sewer Utility Agreement- NEW
         W-9 Form

         Boat Haul Out/ Storage Agreement
         Disembarking Passengers
         Dock Crane Use
        Float Plane Moorage Application
         Grid Waiver
         Vessel Moorage Agreement
        Waitlist Form

    Human Resources:
         Employment Application
         Hold Harmless Agreement

    Planning and Zoning:
         Conditional Use Permit Application
         Land Lease Application
         Lot Lines, Row, Easement, Property Issues 
         Tidelands Permit Application
         Variance Permit Application