City of Seldovia​
City of Seldovia​
PO Drawer B   Seldovia, AK 99663
PO Drawer B   Seldovia, AK 99663

Water and Sewer


The City of Seldovia provides water and sewer services within the water and sewer service area. As of June 2017 the new water treatment plant became operational and is now providing water to the service area.

Apply for Services

An application for service is required any time a property that is served by water and/or sewer is bought or sold. Some rental agreements also require that tenants sign up for service upon moving into a rental property. The application may be downloaded here, or you may apply in person at City Hall.


Water and Sewer fees are established by an annual fee schedule approved by Council in May of every year. Budget workshops that cover the fee schedule and budget begin in February of every year and citizens of Seldovia are encouraged to attend and lend their voice to the process. Click here to see the current fee schedule.

Potable Water

The City of Seldovia offers Potable water at the Harbormaster's Office and seasonally near the loading ramp. Potable water is $1.50 a token. Each token is approximately two minutes a piece. Tokens can be purchased at the Harbormaster Office and City Hall.

Water and Sewer Agreement
Water Connection
FY19 Fee Schedule
2017 Consumer Confidence Report for Public Water System- Seldovia




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